Your comfy travel helper, ENTO Station.


Enjoy your tour

Our company is located in Haewoondae and provides you with a service to store or ship your luggage.

Luggage station is connected to Haeundae subway station, making it more convenient and accessible for tourists.
(Take the escalator up between Exit 5 and 7 and you'll find it right away.)

As of February 2019, during the service period of about six months, we have kept and delivered safely and accurately without any damage, including single omission, loss, or delay.

We will provide you with the best, honest and accurate service for the convenience and reputation of Haeundae, as well as for the convenience of tourists visiting Busan.

Thank you.

CEO 박희제



  1. 01Get off at Haeundae subway station.
  2. 02Look between Exit 5 and Exit 7 of Haeundae Subway Station.
  3. 03Walk slowly and ride the escalator comfortably.
  4. 04If you look to the left when you're all up, you'll see the archive.


  1. 01It starts at Exit 5 of Haeundae Subway Station.
  2. 02Turn right and you'll see a CGV sign.
  3. 03Go into the passage about 10 meters and look to the left to see the elevator.
  4. 04Take the elevator down to B1.
    Or, come down to the basement level of the Citadines building.